Now you can book teachers for the times that suit you. Simply enter the event code and press "Go".

Just enter your event code in the form above. We'll guide you through three simple steps, and moments later you'll get an email confirming your bookings. Easy!

And if you need to change or cancel your bookings, just enter the event code again. If you're on the same computer, you'll go straight to your bookings.

School Interviews Makes Event Bookings Easy

You can set up an interview evening in minutes, and enter phone bookings in seconds. Our system is easy and efficient, and if you need them, our friendly support people are just a phone call away.

And it's not just parent-teacher interviews. Bookings for subject selection, school fĂȘte volunteers, uniform fittings or information evening RSVPs are just as easy.

Parents Love School Interviews

Parents can choose the teachers and times that they want, so students can't prevent meetings they'd prefer not to happen. And parents with more than one student will never get conflicting times again.

Because booking is so easy, you'll find up to 20% more parents participate. This directly affects educational outcomes, so School Interviews is one of those rare things that makes life easier and better.

Easier and Better... and Cheaper?

Our annual subscription is just £179 for primary schools and from £195 (excluding VAT) for other schools. When you add up the savings in staff time and printing costs, you'll save many times what we charge.

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Finalist in the Green Award!

Sounds interesting? Then to see exactly how School Interviews could revolutionise bookings at your school.

It has worked so easily, parents and staff have all been very impressed and everyone has found it very easy. There have only been a handful who have asked me to book for them and that is so quick and easy anyway that it's just not a bother! The number of parents who have attended is definitely higher than when we have previously set appointments - I think that's because they are in total control of when the appointment will best suit them and they can go back and change it if there's a problem anyway.
- Fil Vandertuin, St Patrick's Primary School